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MAMA's office in The Dalles is permanently closed.
If you have questions of MAMA call: 541-298-1031 or email: sandeeburbank@gmail.com

Medical Marijuana Clinics

At MAMA clinics, you will find a comfortable and professional atmosphere in which to learn about Cannabis medicine, harm reduction, and the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. MAMA's knowledgeable staff is here to help those with a diagnosed, qualifying medical condition get through the difficult process of registering with the OMMP.

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Drug Education

Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse was formed in 1982 to address issues of substance use, misuse and abuse. MAMA's approach is based on personal responsibility, informed decision making, and respect for human dignity.

Personal Responsibility

No matter what anyone says, YOU decide if, and how, you will take a drug, and YOU will live with the effects of that decision.

Informed Decision Making

Learn where to get accurate information and how to evaluate the risks & benefits of a decision.


Respect people's differences by offering education and help, rather than alienating them with punitive laws.

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